Microsoft Edge to incorporate Adobe Acrobat

Does anyone really think that building Acrobat Reader into Microsoft Edge is being done to benefit end users ? Who do they ( Adobe/Microsoft ) think they are kidding ? Microsoft Edge and Adobe partner to improve the PDF experience

Daily Post - 09/12/2020

Visual Studio Code is now my preferred text editor for updating this Jekyll blog. The built in Github connectivity and excellent Markdown plugins for previewing posts before they are committed combine to make it one of the simplest ways to create new content. I have tried (see my post from October) a lovely simple to use web editor for static content Github hosted sites such as Jekyll. The main limitation of Prose for me is the lack of any way to upload and link to images in my posts.
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Daily Post - 08/12/2020

Email Pains Today has been a painful day trying to resolve an issue with Mail rules in Exchange Online. Yesterday I switched on a Malware Policy to block certain files types after reading this article. All seemed fine but then first thing this morning I received a number of calls from users unable to email Helpdesk calls to our Helpdesk system (Freshdesk). It seems as though the change I made yesterday had triggered a mail rule setup to block users autoforwarding emails externally into action that must not have been working before.
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Daily Post - 07/12/2020

MacBook Air Update Loving the new MacBook. I have it mostly setup as I want it now and Photo Library sync seems to have finished so I should be able to start to see the real world battery life. Currently I don’t have any great need for long battery life as I am working at home like most others but knowing that there is no rush to get plugged is nice and so far the lowest the battery has gone is 50% ( at the time I am writing this blog post).
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Microsoft Edge history and tab sync

I converted to the new Microsoft Edge browser what seems like an age ago now and one of the things I was eager to see rolled out was the history and open tabs sync between devices (which you can of course already do with Firefox… ). As an Office 365 user and system admin the new Edge browser is clearly the way to finally get a single managed browser across all of my organisations devices, and to be honest I can’t see any good reason for other organisations like mine to still be using Chrome/Firefox other than industry inertia.
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Daily Post - 02/11/2020

Probably doomed to failure before I start but I am going to try and start a daily blog post again ( I know seen it before ! ). Daily Links Link Description Intune - Uninstalling default Windows Apps This is one I am testing at the moment. Many of the staff in my organisation end up using the Windows Mail app instead of Outlook or OWA and I would like to prevent this so I am planning on using this approach to remove Mail app from all PC’s Powerapps Today I tried to go back to a Powerapp I had setup a little while ago but was politely refused by my Edge browser due to blocked third party cookies.
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Customise the Office 365 encryption Message

Customise the Office 365 encryption Message This is a useful guide on branding the messages sent out by Office Message Encryption (OME). I will be coming back to this one in the New Year.

A huge pile of new Teams features !

What’s New in Microsoft Teams- Ignite 2019 This is a LONG list of new and improved features for Microsoft Teams. Excited to see a lot of these, especially things such as Private Channels and Planner/To Do integration

What about Win 10 Pro ?

So I just came across another one of Microsofts seemingly arbitrary limitations in using policies to manage Windows 10. This one is another example where there is a policy setting that only works if you have Windows 10 Enterprise or Education editions and not for Pro. If you want a policy to lock down the Windows Store to only show applications in your organisations Store then you are going to be out of luck…
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