Shootout: Best Wireless In-Ear Charging Case Lid Sound Competition You can’t make this stuff up !

Spoof Letters Published In Metro Newspaper

This article from Mashable is a few days old so apologies if you have already seen it. Definitely worth a scan ! Sam Haysom covers some of the spoof letters of Seamus O’Reilly that have been published in the Metro free paper here in the UK. Seamus has made an art out of sending up the anonymous letters posted in the Metro magazine by creating what I assume are accounts of fictitious events ( though I guess they could be prompted by real life ) experienced by the authors.
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How to Take Funny Travel Photos - The Right Way

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can’t have missed seeing this article or one of the many variants reported all over the web in the last week or so. A Dutch food blogger named Sid Frisjes made the mistake of posting his failed attempt at the classic photo of himself pointing at the top of the Eiffel tower on Reddit and asking for some help to fix the original.
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