Moving to Signal

So you make the decision to abandon Whatsapp and want to move to Signal, but how do you convince family and friends (who perhaps aren’t as concerned about Facebooks control of the Internet as you) to move with you ? Anyone have any convincing arguments that they have made to encourage their friends ?

Free Markdown Video Tutorial Series

Markdown is the plain text markup syntax developed by John Gruber of Daring Fireball over 10 years ago to help bloggers write in a readable format that could be easily converted to HTML. Since then it has grown in popularity and spawned a whole ecosystem of applications and tools for the easy management and production of Markdown formatted documents. The syntax is simple to learn but if you want a nice concise set of quick video tutorials then Wes Bos has put together a set of 11 short ( between 1 and 6 mins long ) guides that take you quickly through the basics of Markdown to get you up and running with minimal effort.
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How to Access Magazines on Zinio for Free

In the days before the Internet I was a regular magazine subscriber and the shelves in my home office used to groan under the weight of all those glossy pages. My magazine buying days have long since gone, replaced by a diet of online news delivered first by USENET followed by online forums, web sites and most recently RSS feeds read through services like or apps like Flipboard. Earlier this year I started a volunteer role at my local library to show local residents how to use the library computers or if they prefer their own devices to get more out of the Internet and PC and tablet applications.
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Calls To 0800 Numbers Free From Mobiles Starting 1st July (UK)

I just happened across this tidbit and though its not really Mac or Apple related I thought it was worth posting a quick note about it because I expect many people in the UK may not be aware of the forthcoming changes to telephone call charges that come into force on 1st July 2015. All the information you need can be found at There are a range of changes being made to make the charges for 08 numbers clearer to UK residents amongst which is the change that makes 0800 and 0808 calls free to mobiles as well as landlines.
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