Apple warns HomePod users of potentially fatal iOS 13.2 flaw

Apple has pulled the latest HomePod update and is warning users not to reset their speaker, lest they render it inoperable. Found this after an hour of trying to work out why new multi-user support on HomePod didn’t seem to be working. My HomePod is still on 12.4 so hasn’t been updated fortunately.

CarPlay in iOS 13

CarPlay in iOS 13 is a huge upgrade Having recently upgraded to beta 7 of iOS 13 I have to say the single biggest improvement for me is CarPlay. Thanks Apple !

iCloud Upgrade Day..

A long time coming but I have finally had to make the jump to the next level of iCloud storage ( 2TB ). The 200Mb subscription has lasted a while but has finally been absorbed by the families Messages, Photos and others. At least I have plenty of head room to grow into now.

On How I Lost Then Found Trackpad Options in El Capitan

My normal approach when a new version of OS X is released is to backup ( create a Carbon Copy Cloner image of my main drive ) and then do a clean install ( erase the entire drive and install from scratch ). Obviously this takes a little more time and effort than a normal upgrade but I tend to prefer knowing that any legacy cruft built up over the life of the previous version is washed away.
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Monosnap - Free Screen Capture for Images and Video

Monosnap is a free utility for OS X and Windows that can quickly and easily capture screenshots and save them for editing and annotation, ideal for grabbing images for documentation or publishing to social media streams. more The included editing tools are basic but adequate with the usual circles, rectangles, crop, line capability but also and importantly for screen capture a blur tool for obscuring passwords or other areas with sensitive information.
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TextExpander Alternatives for Disgruntled Smile Customers

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot written about the Smile Software decision to move to a subscription model for version 6 of TextExpandermore, their popular text snippet app for OS X and iOS. Most of the words have understandably been pretty negative with users feeling that the change is purely a money grab by Smile. Obviously the economics of making a niche product like TextExpander pay its way are not simple and I really don’t know if the change was actually an unavoidable option, but regardless of the reasons behind the decision it is fairly clear that a fair number of Smiles previous customers will be thinking twice about the upgrade and looking at alternative options.
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Copied - Sync your clipboard for iOS and OS X

Copied has recently become one of my favourite apps for iOS and OS X. It is a slick and useful clipboard manager that makes cut/copy and paste on iPhone,iPad and Mac much more useful and when combined with multiple devices introduces a new capability that was previously only possible by emailing or Messaging between devices. That feature is the ability to copy something on one device then jump over to another and paste that data on another device !
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Kickstarter - Pixo magnetic Tablet Mount

The Pixo is an interesting looking Kickstarter project to create a magnetic mounting for iPads/tablets to attach to the side or top of your desktop screen/iMac. more Currently they are quite a way off reaching their target of £60,000 but it still has some time to go and may still be able to get funded. I wish them well as this does look like a nice solution. Checkout their site for more details.
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