Keyboard Maestro

I have been running the eval of Keyboard Maestro for a few weeks now and although I am by no means using it to its full potential I have been getting enough benefit from it that I decided it was time to pay the developers their due. $$

$$ Like many power tools it takes effort to learn and figure out how to get the most from it. So far my main use is moving windows between my MacBook and my 32" Samsung M7 and launching my main applications in a set position and size on screen.

Keyboard Maestro has a big user base and a lot of active experts who produce user guides and tutorials. The best of these is probably the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide from MacSparky. I confess I haven’t splurged on this course as yet (it costs more than the app itself) but knowing what I do about David’s work it is likely to be well worth the investment. Maybe I will look into it over the next few weeks.