Updating Jekyll from iPad with Prose.io

So I setup this Jekyll blog a few months ago and as usual after getting it going I promptly let it languish. One of the issues I guess is that unlike Wordpress there is no quick iOS or web app out of the box to update Jekyll sites from my phone or iPad.

Enter Prose.io.

Prose.io is an elegant and clean web app for managing Github sites and CMS Free web sites which also works very nicely on iPads (no app required). To start editing a Jekyll web site all you have to do is go to https://prose.io and authenticate with your Github account. You can then open your sites posts folder and either edit existing posts or create new ones.

This article is the first I have created using the site. The editor is fairly minimal but does have a simple formatting toolbar and a Markdown preview button for checking that your post looks ok before saving and committing changes to Github.

I will be testing this out with future posts but from what I can see this may well be the ideal way to update my site and certainly easier than trying to work with Github clients on iOS.