Cablox Cable Organiser



If you look at most of the images in my Mac Setups section one thing you will probably have spotted is a distinct lack of cables. The reality of a modern gadget lovers desk is that obtaining this completely minimal look is virtually impossible, even the most stripped down setups need at least a power lead.

I have tried cable trays, sticky back ties, zip ties, blu-tack, insulating tape to name a few and generally end up re-cabling on a fairly regular basis to try to keep things neat and tidy.

The Cablox Cable Organiser from certainly looks like an interesting solution to the problem of under the desk wiring spaghetti. Just checking the this product is currently out of stock so I can’t order to check it out.

If anyone has tried this please drop a comment with your thoughts, alternatively if you know of an equivalent type of solution please let me know.