New office...

Very pleased with my new office layout. Like everyone I am spending a lot of time in here these days so it makes sense to get it how I want it.

Signal uncovers Cellebrite flaws

This blog article on the Signal web site is fascinating and well worth a read. I find it a little hard to believe that Moxie Marlinspike just happened to come across a Cellebrite toolbox complete with the latest version of their software that just happened to have “fallen off the back of a lorry” but for the purposes of the article can let that go ;) What is amazing to me is that a company whose entire existence depends on finding and using flaws in other companies software have engineered their own product so poorly.
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Sunny Sunday Ride

Living in England you learn to take advantage of the good weather when it presents itself. Today is Bank Holiday Monday and as usual it’s pouring with rain. Yesterday however was perfect for an early morning bike ride so I made hay and got out first thing for a quick 50k around the Weald Moors. It was a very cold start but I soon warmed up and was enjoying the clear air, lack of cars on the roads and the beautiful Shropshire countryside.
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Moving to Signal

So you make the decision to abandon Whatsapp and want to move to Signal, but how do you convince family and friends (who perhaps aren’t as concerned about Facebooks control of the Internet as you) to move with you ? Anyone have any convincing arguments that they have made to encourage their friends ?

WhatsApp forcing users to share data with Facebook ! Bye !

I’ve been debating dropping Whatsapp and this announcement is definitely pushing me to make the move ! UPDATE: So it takes an insurrection to finally kick Facebook and Twitter into action to do what they should have done months ( if not years ) ago ! Twitter suspends Donald Trump Jr. for posting COVID misinformation Facebook, Instagram ban Trump through at least Inauguration Day

Hidden Bar - menu bar management for macOS

Mac menu bar utiities are great for quick access to apps that perform simple tasks and that don’t need to sit in the dock or occupy space on your desktop however they do tend to proliferate and before you know it the list of little icons at the top right of your menu bar can get out of control. There are a couple of utilities that aim to help with this.
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Boxing Day or is it ?

A belated Happy Christmas greeting to anyone unfortunate enough to be reading this blog, hope yours went as well as could be given the world in which we find ourselves. For my part Christmas was quiet and fairly relaxed and as usual over quicker than you can imagine. The actual day this year did feel quite “christmassy” due to the morning frost and clear blue sky which was really nice. Today on the first Boxing Day of 2020 (the second official one is on Monday) was slightly less so although it did manage to stay dry here in Telford until after dark.
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Daily Post - 09/12/2020

Visual Studio Code is now my preferred text editor for updating this Jekyll blog. The built in Github connectivity and excellent Markdown plugins for previewing posts before they are committed combine to make it one of the simplest ways to create new content. I have tried (see my post from October) a lovely simple to use web editor for static content Github hosted sites such as Jekyll. The main limitation of Prose for me is the lack of any way to upload and link to images in my posts.
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Painting with Strava

I have seen this guys Strava rides online before and am amazed at how he manages to “paint” pictures by cycling routes on Strava. Very cool.

Daily Post - 08/12/2020

Email Pains Today has been a painful day trying to resolve an issue with Mail rules in Exchange Online. Yesterday I switched on a Malware Policy to block certain files types after reading this article. All seemed fine but then first thing this morning I received a number of calls from users unable to email Helpdesk calls to our Helpdesk system (Freshdesk). It seems as though the change I made yesterday had triggered a mail rule setup to block users autoforwarding emails externally into action that must not have been working before.
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