The Greatest Shot In Television

You may already have seen this ( it’s not a new clip ) but even if you have it’s worth another look. Amazing stuff from the great James Burke

Hugo has moved to Hugo CMS I am currently doing a bit of tidying of old posts (fixing dates and youtube embeds) but hopefully this new iteration of my blog will be stable in the next day or so. is hosted on Github Pages, this article explains how to setup Hugo to work with Github. I am no expert on Github but it didn’t take me long to rebuild the site and replace the previous Jekyll version.
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Daily Post - 27/12/21

Over the Christmas break I have been testing out a few different Linux Distros on a Microsoft Surface Go Laptop. This laptop was my test machine for Windows 11 but the experience was less than favourable, slow, unresponsive and noisy as the fan seemed to run pretty constantly.

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Daily Post - 11/09/21

Whew.. Relaxing on the decking with a well deserved beer after a busy Saturday. Badminton at Oakengates Leisure Centre with the kids this morning then a trip over to eldest’s new house to help with sorting the garden which was a tad overgrown. Still loving the iPad Pro and Apple Magic keyboard and so glad I finally overcame the reservations over price and bought one ( though it was helped by the fact that I got mine for half price as a second user unit through Amazon ).
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Daily Post - 28/08/21

More Obsidian testing Today I came across this article on MacStories in which Federico Vittici describes how he uses Working Copy and GitHub to manage his writing with iA Writer and Pretext. While I have been testing Working Copy I have tried creating a synced folder with the local Obsidian app folders and also with the Obsidians folder in iCloud. Both seemed to work fine but I was a bit unsure whether syncing with iCloud was recommended and hadn’t found any articles to confirm this was something you should do (in the past this sort of approach would have been a recipe for duplicated files and other odd issues).
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Blurred app

GitHub - dwarvesf/blurred: A macOS utility that helps reduce distraction by dimming your inactive noise [TIP] There are a number of apps in the store that will blur the background windows that aren’t in focus as Blurred does. Unlike Blurred most of them are paid for apps. Blurred is free and does its job well.

Daily Post - 19/08/2021

St Albans On site at St Albans today and Watford tomorrow so overnight stay for first time in a while. I am staying at the Jury’s Inn in Watford and just back from evening meal in the bar that was pretty rubbish. I ordered burger and chips for £15. The burger was overcooked, dry and tasteless and the chips had been covered in salt ( which I dont eat on food ) so were pretty much inedible.
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Daily Post - 15/08/2021

New Komoot Route This morning I did a 60K route planned on Komoot see this link for the full route. I really enjoyed this ride, most of the lanes were very quiet and I hardly saw any cars at all until I was quite close to home which was really nice. Komoot is a great way to plan a route into areas that you are not familiar with as it does a very good job of keeping you away from roads that have lots of those big metal boxes shooting up and down…
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Testing Obsidian/Working Copy on iPad

So this post was written in Obsidian on my iPad and synced to GitHub Pages by Working Copy. A few weeks ago I happened across a previously owned Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad 12.9" on Amazon at a big discount. I have tried to justify £350 for a keyboard since I bought the 12.9" iPad Pro but just couldn’t find a compelling enough reason but when I saw this one I figured I would take a punt and if it was no good I could always return it.
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Daily Post - 2/7/2021

One of the things I lost the ability to do as I got older is concentrating/working while listening to certain types of music. I find ambient/electronic is best to listen to whilst working and Klaus Schulze is one of my regular favourites. This week I managed to get hold of a copy of his Ultimate Edition 50 CD box set in FLAC format that I needed to convert to import into Apple Music for playback.
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