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Webcam draining my battery

Testing battery drain when asleep

Tinkering today and I noticed that while my MacBook is asleep with power off the battery is draining pretty quickly. I have to admit that I did spot this a while ago but clearly didn’t do anything to trace the issue or try to resolve it. Today I am going to run a test and will disconnect my USB hub when I go out and see if this is what is causing the drain. I am fairly sure this will be it as one of the things I noticed was that my external webcam that sits on top of my main monitor was warm today even though my MacBook was still off. Hopefully this will fix it.

Another horrific day weather-wise here in the UK. Rain is currently hammering on my study window and the sky is a uniform grey.

2023 was a pretty slow year for my cycling adventures. I only managed one 100k+ ride to Ellesmere Lakes in June. This year I am hoping to do a bit more than that and have been researching organised events that I might be able to sign up for. TimeOutdoors has a number of events in the West Mids starting in April and running through to September listed on their site, a couple look like they might be worth signing up for.

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