Testing Obsidian/Working Copy on iPad

Can I write Github pages blog bosts on an iPad ?

So this post was written in Obsidian on my iPad and synced to GitHub Pages by Working Copy.

A few weeks ago I happened across a previously owned Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad 12.9" on Amazon at a big discount. I have tried to justify £350 for a keyboard since I bought the 12.9" iPad Pro but just couldn’t find a compelling enough reason but when I saw this one I figured I would take a punt and if it was no good I could always return it. Well that was a while back now and I am still a happy Magic Keyboard owner. It really does make the iPad Pro into a powerhouse portable device. The keyboard is great and the trackpad works as you would expect from an Apple device, smooth and slick.

I am pretty much only using the iPad when not at my desk now, even though I also have the amazing M1 MacBook Air ( lucky me eh ? ) and now Obsidian is out on iPad I have decided to try to use it on the iPad for updating this blog. To do this does require something to sync to GitHub and this is where WorkingCopy comes in.

Working Copy is a full git client for iOS and at £17.99 is not a cheap app but it seems to be the only real option for this sort of workflow and is an established solution so if you have a need for git on iPad its a bit of a no-brainer.

Anyway, this is my first post using this setup and it worked first time which is great. Maybe I will finally start posting here a bit more ( how many times have I written that ? )

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