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A quick business trip to North Yorkshire

I am in Scarborough today for a site visit to one of our new services to spec out the requirements for their network. I arrived last night after a four hour drive and will probably be on site for half an hour today before starting the return four hour drive home. A long way for a short visit but better to see the site in person than to try and design the network from plans.

It was a nostalgic drive through York/Malton and the North Yorks Moors through which I have driven many times in the past. I love this part of the country, the villages are all very pretty and the landscape is rugged and open (and harsh in the winter).

My tooth ache is still really bad today, thankfully I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I will get it fixed and I can get rid of this nagging pain. To be honest I am dreading the actual dentist visit but at this point the thought of short term pain while the dentist gets in and sorts it outweighs the fear of the event itself.

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