RSS Struggles

As is often the case when learning something new I have run into a problem and the fix for it is alluding me at the moment. In this case it is RSS feeds in Jekyll. The [Minimal Mistakes[(] theme already had jekyll-feed gem installed which appeared to be working but when I checked my feed in Feedly I could only see posts that were previously posted on my Wordpress blog and none of the new test posts on Jekyll were showing up.

Since then I have been searching in vain for a solution to this issue. Oddly if I add a new feed to Feedly and use the recent posts show up but Feedly says I only have one subscriber to this feed rather than the rather embarassing 20 or so that I had previously.

If anyone does have any experience of this issue with Jekyll and can offer any sort of clue to a fix I would be very grateful, meanwhile I will continue my search.

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