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Pre-Xmas Post

Its Christmas eve-eve and nearly the end of 2022.

Six months into the new job and things are starting to get pretty busy and I am certainly past the honeymoon period and into the time when people around the organisation know who I am. That’s both nice but also means free time to develop knowledge and do things how you would ideally want to do them starts to become a rarity.

My home office has recently changed layout again and I am back to working entirely on the Samsung M7 screen with my MacBook Pro configured in clamshell mode alongside it. With the upgrade to iOS 16/macOS Ventura bringing Continuity Camera support I have been using my iPhone as a replacement for the MacBook webcam and I have to say it works remarkably well, I have had no glitches/disconnects during use with Teams calls in many short and long meetings. My main issue has been finding a way to attach the iPhone at the top of the screen so I appear to be looking in the right direction. I have a fairly dodgy setup at the moment as I haven’t found the ideal tool to do this. I have attached a small L bracket to the VESA mounting on the back of the monitor and am then using a small tripod clamp around the iPhone to give it the necessary width and height to raise the camera above the top of the monitor. It works but is not ideal and I will have to try to rig something a bit more substantial in the New Year. There is definitely a market for a nice solution here, most of the stuff available is designed for MagSafe connectors ( my iPhone 11 doesn’t have MagSafe ) and for attachment by sticky pads.

If anyone has a good solution for this I would love to hear from you.

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