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New MacBook day


New MacBook Air ( M1 Edition ) arrived this afternoon and just wow…. I am so glad I was tempted by the Amazon Black Friday £100 off and 5 months interest free credit deal now. Before I saw the Amazon deal I had been toing and froing for a few weeks since the new M1 Macs were launched.

Now I am setting it up and synching photos etc and after an hour and a half on my lap its not even warm ! Amazing stuff.

Of course its hard to say anything that hasn’t already been said far more eloquently that I can. Universal acclaim has been laid on these new Macs from all corners of the Internet and it really does seem like a new standard has been set, it just remains to be seen if anyone is capable of meeting the challenge of creating machines that come anything close to what Apple have done with their new Macs.

Interesting times indeed.

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