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My Experiences with the Keychron K3 Wireless Keyboard

Can a long term Apple Magic keyboard user make the change to a new fullish travel keyboard ?

I have had the Keychron K3 for a month or so now and my thoughts on this device are still somewhat mixed. After years of using laptop keyboards, the Logitech K380 and the Apple Magic Keyboard the K3 takes some getting used to. The keys have of course got more travel and sit higher than the other keyboards I am used to.

Whilst I’m not a proper touch typist but can normally achieve a reasonable number of characters per minute but with the K3 I am still finding myself making quite a lot of typos. To be honest when I first got the keyboard I was making so many errors that I temporarily went back to my Apple Magic Keyboard. Since then I have been trying to get along with the K3 again, partly because I dont want to admit defeat and partly because I think once I am used to it I will find it a better keyboard than the Magic Keyboard. From a practical point of view the other thing I have been a little disappointed with is the battery life and the bluetooth connection speed. Battery life is I guess to be expected due to the backlight which you can of course turn off to improve things but at the expense of one of the nice features of the K3.

The Bluetooth connection is not as easy to address however. The issue I have here is that when the keyboard goes to sleep to conserve battery the bluetooth connection to my MacBook obviously drops which is to be expected, however when hitting a key for the first time after this happens (when returning to typing after a short break for example) the bluetooth connection does not immediately reestablish and the first few keystrokes are lost. This is frustrating and because of this I have taken to connecting via USB C cable which doesnt suffer from this issue but of course means I now have a cable running from my nice wireless keyboard..

I am planning to keep trying the K3 for a bit longer yet but in the worst case I can always box it up and post an ad on eBay, I’m sure it will sell easily enough.

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