Moving to Jekyll!

After many years of on and off dabbling with Wordpress blogs I have decided to make the move to Jekyll and Github Pages for hosting. Jekyll is very different to Wordpress and requires a completely different skill set to implement. It is easy enough to pickup if you have a good understanding of IT but probably not a simple job if you don’t…

Typically I spend more time playing with setting up blogs than I do actually blogging. I always have good intentions which quickly fade after the fun of setting up the site is done. Perhaps this time will be different ? I have managed to import the few posts I had on Wordpress into Jekyll, albeit some of them needed manual tweaks and possibly some are still a little broken, but again this was more for the fun of doing it than the need to retain the posts.

At the moment I am using Visual Studio Code on my Mac Mini for content editing and testing changes by running Jekyll locally ( there is a short delay after pushing updates to Github for the changes to reflect on your site so having a localhost version running is an essential configuration for most purposes.)

This site is currently (at the time this post was written) using the Minimal Mistakes theme by Michael Rose. This theme is relatively basic compared to many Wordpress themes but has the functionality I need for this blog while still offering a degree of customisation, which is where I have got to at the moment.

So far I am enjoying learning Jekyll and will aim to carry on developing this site, though I can’t guarantee I won’t get bored with it as I have done many times in the past. We’ll have to wait and see.


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