Featured image of post Morning Run (4 miles) - Scary Fast

Morning Run (4 miles) - Scary Fast

Morning Run

First longish run for a long time this morning. Dropped Vel’s car at the garage for a service then run home. Felt pretty slow but looking at the total time and distance it actually wasn’t too bad. I enjoy running when I am doing it regularly and I can get to a decent pace without feeling like my lungs are going to burst but to get to that usually means a prolonged period of regular runs and at the moment I am not getting out often enough. Oddly running is something I tend to find I do more of in the winter, I find running in the hot weather uncomfortable and would much rather be cycling through the lanes for exercise in the Summer. The big benefit of running though is that 30-45 mins gets me the same benefit as a much longer day in the saddle so fitting into the family life schedule is generally easier.

Scary Fast

As predicted the Halloween Apple Event happened last night was all about the M3 processor laucnch in new versions of the MacBook Pro. The M3 is another incremental improvement over the previous generations Apple Silicon so it was interesting that most of the performance comparisons that Apple made during the event were between the M1 and M3 processors rather than between M2 and M3.

I suppose the point of making this comparison is to encourage early Apple Silicon adopters who are on M1 machines to upgrade even though for most users those M1 based Macs are still going to be fine for almost all uses. This is also why the event repeatedly referred to high end/power users. Its very clear the M3 Pro MacBooks are targetted to heavy users (video, simulation, audio production etc). This will be a challenge for Apple moving forward. Whilst two year iPhone upgrades cycles are commonplace for many users MacBooks and Macs tend to be on longer upgrade cycles and the new Apple Silicon Macs are SO fast and powerful this cycle will potentially be able to stretch even longer. I know for me the ugrade of my current M1 MacBook Pro is likely to be some time away.

BunchBunch is another great tool from Brett Terpstra that uses a plain text config file to define bunches of apps that can be lauched together from a simple menu. Think of the contexts of how you use your Mac (work, home, play) and the common apps that you use in each context, Bunch makes launching and closing apps to get you from one context to another simple.
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