Microsoft Edge history and tab sync

I converted to the new Microsoft Edge browser what seems like an age ago now and one of the things I was eager to see rolled out was the history and open tabs sync between devices (which you can of course already do with Firefox… ).

As an Office 365 user and system admin the new Edge browser is clearly the way to finally get a single managed browser across all of my organisations devices, and to be honest I can’t see any good reason for other organisations like mine to still be using Chrome/Firefox other than industry inertia. So I rolled out Edge to my users many months ago now and am happy to report no real issues at all, but I have still been a little frustrated at the slow pace around the completion of the sync options.

Well it looks like I won’t have to wait much longer as the Edge Insider - What’s New page has announced that the feature is finally rolling out to Dev and Canary channels. Good news at last.

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