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macOS Monterey QuickLook still flaky

Is a fix for this long standing issue on the way?

We are probably only a month or so away from the release of the latest macOS version Ventura but the current latest version, Monterey, still has the same QuickLook issue that it has had since release.

Pretty regularly I will press Space on a file in the Finder to get a quick preview only to be greeted with a thumbnail image of the file. This has been a problem for me (and others) for some time now and whilst there is a quick fix (Force Quit the Finder) it really shouldn’t be necessary after five major updates to the operating system should it ?

To be honest I am not sure if it is something specific to some of the software I use but I have seen it now on two MacBooks (my previous M1 MacBook Air and my current M1 MacBook Pro) and I have found lots of references to others with the same issue so it does seem to be a pretty widespread issue.

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