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The iWork suite of applications ( Numbers, Pages, Keynote ) comes with a number of really well made templates designed to get you producing superb quality, impressive looking documents in no time at all. But what if the pre-installed templates aren’t quite what you need for your current project or task ?

There are a surprisingly small number of sites where you can find additional templates for the iWork applications. The list below contains the best ones that seem to be available at the moment. If you know of any better ones please drop a comment on this post and I will gladly update it to include them.

iWorkCommunity.com:Template Exchange - This site is probably the most comprehensive currently available. At the time of writing there were 225 Pages templates, 5 for Keynote and 15 for Numbers. All the templates here are free to download and use.

iWork Templates - This is a slightly more recent free template site which currently only has about 18 templates to offer.

Number Templates - This site specialises on free templates for Numbers as well as providing hints and tips on how to use the application.

Jumsoft is a commercial site providing high quality templates for iWeb, Pages and Keynote as well as clipart and animations. The Pages templates product is $39 and provides a range of 20 different templates.

Keynote Pro is another commercial site that offers a range of templates for Pages and of course Keynote. Their themes are exceptionally elegant and stylish.

Oneeyedgoldfish is a UK based company who provide a range of templates for Pages at £10 per theme or all of their themes for £40. They also have a small number of free templates for download as a taster of their full offerings.

So there you have it. A small list for now but hopefully of help anyway. Please do tell me of any other good resources for iWork by leaving a comment below.

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