Game of the day - 2 Cars

A super simple but deceptively tricky game for iOS

One of my favourite quick-fix games at the moment is 2 Cars from Ketchapp. It is a very simple top to bottom scroller where the objective is to steer your 2 Cars around the oncoming square blocks whilst at the same time intercepting the round blocks. Any collision with a square block ends the game. Any round block missed also ends the game. Each car can drive in one of two lanes and the only control is to tap the screen on the right to move the right hand car to the alternate lane and the screen on the left to move the left hand car.

Sounds simple doesn’t it ? Well give it a try and see how far you get, I can pretty much guarantee it will take you quite a few goes before you progress to double digit scores and after that progression is likely to be slow as the speed of the oncoming blocks increases pretty quickly once you get into the 40-50 score bracket.

An enjoyable game for passing a few minutes !

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