Feeling grotty and the sun is shining

Its been a while since I posted here... again...

Today finds me at home still full of cold after more than a week with a beautiful sunny day outside that would have been perfect for an Autumn bike ride. Gutted and grumpy.

It’s also been three months since I left CVT and therefore six months since I handed in my notice and they still haven’t recruited a replacement to my position. The two guys who worked for me have been struggling along and I think are starting to drown under the weight of tickets in the helpdesk and other work that they are now picking up that they didn’t previously have to worry about (because I did it). I do really feel for them, they are both nice guys and being left to flounder by the charities management team is really not good. I have continued to offer them support and advice and will continue to do so but what I can do for them isn’t a substitute for a permenant IT manager who can take some of the load from them.

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