Day three of holiday in Llwyngwril

Another pleasant start to the day again today by the looks of it.

Yesterday was fine and sunny but a little windy, today looks like being a little calmer. Again we have been lucky enought to bag a cottage with amazing views of the sea and as a result spectacular sunsets.


Our cottage is at the bottom of a seriously steep hill and yesterday I decided I was going to try to ride it (despite the gearing on my road bike not being particularly low). For a change I mounted my GoPro to the handlebars to record the event and set off… After a lung bursting and very slow climb (with two short stops to get air into lungs) I reached the gate to the gravel road at the top of the hill. When I stopped to open the gate my Wahoo decided to take that moment to remind me that I hadn’t yet pressed start ! Annoying…

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