Daily Post - 28/08/21

Obsidian and Working Copy on iPad

More Obsidian testing

Today I came across this article on MacStories in which Federico Vittici describes how he uses Working Copy and GitHub to manage his writing with iA Writer and Pretext.

While I have been testing Working Copy I have tried creating a synced folder with the local Obsidian app folders and also with the Obsidians folder in iCloud. Both seemed to work fine but I was a bit unsure whether syncing with iCloud was recommended and hadn’t found any articles to confirm this was something you should do (in the past this sort of approach would have been a recipe for duplicated files and other odd issues). Anyway I am pleased that Federico’s article confirmed that this was ok and in fact makes editing in-place with multiple editors easy (I am writing this in iA Writer and the file is in the Obsidian iCloud folder which is synced to GitHub with Working Copy so there you are…)

Custom email domains in iCloud MailThis is an interesting development. I have been thinking about moving to a family subscription of Windows 365 from my current Google apps for Domains setup but now I have a third option for hosting the families email and this one comes free ( well as part of our iCloud subscription at least )
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