Featured image of post Daily Post - 27/12/21

Daily Post - 27/12/21

Testing Linux distros on a Surface Go

Over the Christmas break I have been testing out a few different Linux Distros on a Microsoft Surface Go Laptop. This laptop was my test machine for Windows 11 but the experience was less than favourable, slow, unresponsive and noisy as the fan seemed to run pretty constantly.

After a brief test of Elementary OS then MX Linux I have settled on Pop!_OS. On this laptop Pop!_OS runs really well, performance is snappy and the fan rarely kicks in.

Testing this as a work machine for me means installing Microsoft Edge as my default browser. Unfortunately the Linux version of Edge is still missing Azure AD sign in and sync which is a real shame and surprising given that Windows and Mac versions have had this feature for a long time now.

Pop!_OSUbuntu based Linux
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