Daily Post - 2/7/2021

Converting Klaus Schulze FLACs with XLD

One of the things I lost the ability to do as I got older is concentrating/working while listening to certain types of music. I find ambient/electronic is best to listen to whilst working and Klaus Schulze is one of my regular favourites.

This week I managed to get hold of a copy of his Ultimate Edition 50 CD box set in FLAC format that I needed to convert to import into Apple Music for playback. Today I came across a nice conversion tool XLD that I have used to split the single .flac files into seperate Apple Lossless files. If you have flac files with accompanying .cue files XLD will open the cue file and transcode the source file into seperate files quickly and easily. Its a pretty basic application (when you launch it there isn’t even a gui interface displayed, just a set of menu options on the menu bar) but is still updated and the latest version even has native Apple Silicon support. There is also a command line version of the app for those who prefer to work in a terminal window.

XLDX Lossless Decoder (XLD) is a simple tool for Macs to decode/convert/play lossless audio files. GUI and CLI tool
readme.soReadme.so is a very simple web site for creating readme.md files quickly and easily. A generic version of this site with user definable blocks would be a great way of creating standard template documents of all sorts.
pandocWant to convert a markup file to a different format ? Pandoc is your tool
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