Daily Post - 15/08/2021

A new Komoot route, iPhone upgrades and Edge grumbles

New Komoot Route

This morning I did a 60K route planned on Komoot see this link for the full route. I really enjoyed this ride, most of the lanes were very quiet and I hardly saw any cars at all until I was quite close to home which was really nice. Komoot is a great way to plan a route into areas that you are not familiar with as it does a very good job of keeping you away from roads that have lots of those big metal boxes shooting up and down…

iPhone plans

I made the mistake last night of openly talking about my iPhone ( an iPhone 11 bought in October 2019 ) and saying I thought I would probably need to upgrade later this year. I think it heard me because when I came to take a photo of Norbury Junction during my ride this morning I was greeted with an error message informing me that there was not enough storage left to perform the operation. I’ve always been convinced of electronic equipments ability to know when its planned replacement is being discussed having fallen foul of this sort of thing on many occasions previously, todays event just confirms my suspicion ( they are listening ! )

Edge Grumbles

I like Edge ( the new one ). I started using it early in the beta and immediately decided it was the way forward for myself and my work ( I pushed it out to all PCs early too ), but on my iPad there are things that bug me. The big one is when I create a new tab and start typing a URL or search term only to look at the screen and see nothing has appeared because I haven’t selected the address field ( clicked into it or pressed CMD-L ). Not sure if its me but if you open a tab in a browser what else would you normally do but enter a URL or search term ? Why can’t it select the address bar ready without having to manually select it ? Come on Microsoft this isn’t really difficult is it ?

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