Daily Post - 09/12/2020

Visual Studio Code is now my preferred text editor for updating this Jekyll blog. The built in Github connectivity and excellent Markdown plugins for previewing posts before they are committed combine to make it one of the simplest ways to create new content.

I have tried Prose.io a lovely simple to use web editor for static content Github hosted sites such as Jekyll. The main limitation of Prose for me is the lack of any way to upload and link to images in my posts. This may or may not be an issue depending on the type of content you need to post but personally I do want a way to upload and link to screenshots within my posts.

Teams Breakout RoomsMicrosoft have announced that Teams will be getting breakout rooms feature starting this week
Whatsapp unhappy with Apple privacy labelsiMore article regarding recent complaint from Whatsapp. As much as I dislike Facebook and Whatsapp I tend to agree with the author that they do have a point here. Update… Apple has confirmed the privacy labels will apply to built in apps as well so that steals Whatsapps thunder a little (link)
Xmas Gift Guide for CyclistsSome gift ideas for the cyclist(s) in your household
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