Daily Post - 07/12/2020

MacBook Air Update

Loving the new MacBook. I have it mostly setup as I want it now and Photo Library sync seems to have finished so I should be able to start to see the real world battery life. Currently I don’t have any great need for long battery life as I am working at home like most others but knowing that there is no rush to get plugged is nice and so far the lowest the battery has gone is 50% ( at the time I am writing this blog post).

Last night was the first time I felt the bottom of the case get warm. I had just helped my son set up a Zoom call when I noticed it. It may have been Zoom, though I didn’t investigate it at the time and since then its been cool cool cool…

Mimestream Beta

Whilst setting up the apps I wanted I decided to try to find a decent mail client for my home Gmail account. I have used the Gmail web interface for a long time more out of laziness than anything so this seemed an opportune time to look for a better alternative. Mimestream is free to download at the moment during the beta period. It has a very Gmail-like layout and supports all the Gmail features such as labels that typically don’t work well in standard email clients. I will post an update on my thoughts when I have been using it for a while but so far I am quite happy.

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