Daily Post - 03/11/2020

Printers !

Don’t you love remote support ? Today I have spent a couple of hours on and off trying to identify why a copier at one of our sites had suddenly stopped sending scans to email. The configuration on the copier was all ok and there had been no changes to our network so I was more than a little stumped until I finally got the user who had reported the issue to admit they were trying to scan a large pile of pages and that the one page scan they had tried had worked.

Lightbulb moment, checked the copiers maximum attachment size that was set to 2Mb, changed to 8Mb, asked user to retry and hey presto 3Mb attachment arrived in their inbox. Hurrah !

https://oliverkieselbach.com/2020/11/03/new-edge-sync-policy-in-action/Intune - Manage Edge sync settings
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