Daily Post - 02/11/2020

Probably doomed to failure before I start but I am going to try and start a daily blog post again ( I know seen it before ! ).


Today I tried to go back to a Powerapp I had setup a little while ago but was politely refused by my Edge browser due to blocked third party cookies. Now I am certain this setting was enabled when I was last updating the Powerapp so I am not sure why it allowed me in before but now doesn’t ? Anyway after a bit of faffing about I have temporarily re-enabled third party cookies in the Configuration Profile for Edge so I can get on, but I am going to have to come back to this later.

If you have any ideas on this one please let me know.

Intune - Uninstalling default Windows AppsThis is one I am testing at the moment. Many of the staff in my organisation end up using the Windows Mail app instead of Outlook or OWA and I would like to prevent this so I am planning on using this approach to remove Mail app from all PC’s
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