Featured image of post Climbing on Zwift - La Laguna Negra

Climbing on Zwift - La Laguna Negra

That was a tough one.

This afternoons Zwift ride was a toughy… At the start or the current Zwift Portal Climb for La Laguna Negra my estimated time to summit was hovering between 42 and 45 minutes. With that in mind I started spinning my way towards the top at a fairly consistent rate but with an eye on the segment details which showed the average gradient of the last segment as 10.1% !

As I approached section 10 I was feeling a little less than fresh but still on track for a time of around 43 minutes but this last section really was tough. In my lowest gear and standing up on the pedals I was slowed to crawl but at this point being beaten was not an option.

Its fair to say I was very pleased to see the summit banner and the pool of sweat on the floor was a good indicator of how hard this climb was.

Glad to have another portal climb in the bank though.

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