Featured image of post A short break from work..

A short break from work..

I am taking a few days leave for half term this week so today was busy busy busy…

This morning started with a quick ride on stage 5 of Tour of Watopia (Canopies and Coastlines). This route started with the Titans Grove KOM reverse before taking in the new Watopia coastal road and finally ending at Sasquatch Sprint all in just over 28km and about 245m of climbing. A nice route made nicer by having the garage door open to let some Autumn sunshine in.

Ride out of the way and onto chores, hopefully the last grass cut of the year followed by cleaning the roof panels from the gazebo ready to be stored away for the winter. Later in the afternoon when the clouds opened with a torrential downpour I was pretty glad I chose the morning to get these jobs sorted.

The afternoon was then spent in my office, sorting out shelving, listening to music and organising cabling ( a favourite pastime of mine ) on my new standing desk. Tomorrow I have some LED light strips coming from Amazon that I am going to use to brighten the office space a bit so part of Tuesday is already planned…

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