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58 years young

Birthday day of work, breakfast out, evening meal out...

12th Jan means my birthday and another year under the bridge of life…

Today started with a walk to the Hundred Acre Kitchen for coffee and sausage and egg sandwiches with Vel. This evening we are going to the Red House for more food and probably a few drinks too. Tomorrow I am going to need to get on the bike and start the training for the coming 100k in June. I am still recovering from the cough and cold I developed after New Years so will probably need to take it easy but half an hour on Zwift should really be the minimum. With work as it has been recently finding half an hour at lunch time has been a non-starter for a while so my weekly mileage has dropped right down.

Today is the launch of Killers of the Flower Moon on Apple TV+ which I have been looking forward to watching for a while. Not sure I will find the time this weekend but its definitely on the list to see.

I have gone back to dabbling with Obsidian again, this time I have setup the Github plugin to sync to my Github account and so far its working great. I have setup on my iPhone and iPad and all are syncing nicely (for the most part, I have had a couple of issues but nothing major). I have not tried the pay-for Obsidian sync service and would expect it is considerably slicker than the process for setting up Github sync but at £8 a month the price is a little high for my needs.

I will continue testing and see how I get on.

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