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I have recently started setting up Room Resources in our Office 365 tenant and quickly discovered that that rooms are only available Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00 by default. Fortunately there is a Powershell command to modify this to suit your room requirements. First connect to Exchange Powershell Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -Identity <SMTPRoomResource> -WorkingHoursStartTime 00:00:00 -WorkingHoursEndTime... » Buy Klonopin 0.5 Mg

Buy Generic Valium Uk

Just found this article on the Lazy Administrator that describes how to enforce a Windows lock screen wallpaper on Windows 10 for all editions ( not just Enterprise and Education which is all Microsoft allow you to do with Intune out of the box ! ) I will be using this script. Thanks Brad.

Adaptive Cards for Beginners
Cheap Ambient Reverb

Teams and Flow has this very neat how to article on creating an Adaptive Card in Teams when someone sends a specific Tweet. I’ve not seen the adaptive card designer mentioned in the post but will check it out as this looks pretty useful. Adaptive Cards for Beginners- Monitor a Hashtag on Twitter

Add attachments in PowerApps
Buy Name Brand Ambien

This Microsoft guide explains how to add attachments in a PowerApps form to a Sharepoint list. Add attachments to SharePoint lists

Thursday 15 August 2019
Buy Phentermine In China

Blogs of note A quick list of some of the blogs I have used recently for guides and how to’s on Microsoft products. Modern Workplace – John blogs about the Microsoft Cloud and Modern Management Blog – JiJi Technologies nicolonsky tech Practical 365 – Office 365 News, Tips, and Tutorials AutomateIQ – Business processes automation... » Buy Phentermine Online Reviews

Friday 9 August 2019
Carisoprodol 350 Mg Price

Intune I have previously setup a script to push simple shortcuts to Desktop with Intune but this guide from Nicolonsky Tech is much better. Will re-create mine using this approach. Source: Intune create desktop shortcut

Wednesday 31 July 2019
Cheap Valium Buy

Powershell This is a Microsoft guide I need to use fairly regularly ! Wish connection to Exchange Online and Sharepoint Online from Powershell was a little easier to configure. Interestingly when I tried this today if I ran Connect-EXOPSSesion with parameter for my UPN it didn’t seem to work. If instead just ran the command... » Buy Lorazepam Online