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Siri: How to add an item to specific Reminders list AND set a reminder time? – Ask Different — Read on apple.stackexchange.com/questions/235719/siri-how-to-add-an-item-to-specific-reminders-list-and-set-a-reminder-time

TextExpander Alternatives for Disgruntled Smile Customers
Buy Cheap Alprazolam

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot written about the Smile Software decision to move to a subscription model for version 6 of TextExpander

Near Lock – Unlock your Mac with your iPhone or Apple Watch
Buy Klonopin 0.5 Mg

Near Lock is a new pair of apps for iOS and OS X that allows you to unlock your Mac with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Once installed and configured the app can be configured to lock or unlock your Mac as soon as it detects the presence of your iPhone. The sensitivity of the... » Buy Generic Valium Uk

Copied – Sync your clipboard for iOS and OS X
Cheap Phentermine 37.5 Mg

Copied has recently become one of my favourite apps for iOS and OS X. It is a slick and useful clipboard manager that makes cut/copy and paste on iPhone,iPad and Mac much more useful and when combined with multiple devices introduces a new capability that was previously only possible by emailing or Messaging between devices.... » Cheap Ambient Reverb

Game of the day – 2 Cars
Buy Name Brand Ambien

One of my favourite quick-fix games at the moment is 2 Cars from Ketchapp. It is a very simple top to bottom scroller where the objective is to steer your 2 Cars around the oncoming square blocks whilst at the same time intercepting the round blocks. Any collision with a square block ends the game.... » Buy Phentermine In China

Swapping Between Hardware and On Screen Keyboards on iOS
Buy Phentermine Online Reviews

I recently bought the excellent Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard to share between my iPad, Work laptop and iPhone. It’s a great little keyboard, light enough to carry around with a decent layout and spacing that suits my typing style well ( your mileage may vary ). There are however times that I need to... » Carisoprodol 350 Mg Price

More Problems with iOS 9.3 ?
Buy Zolpidem

It seems the recent reported problems with iOS 9.3 and older iPads isn’t the only issue with the latest release. My wife has an iPhone 6 that was working fine until it suddenly stopped being able to open hyperlinks in Safari and Messages… Oddly when searching in Safari with the browser set to use Google... » Cheap Valium Buy

Microsoft to release curved keyboard for iOS
Buy Lorazepam Online

Ars technica has this interesting article about a planned new keyboard from Microsoft that will potentially make one handed typing on larger iPhones more practical. Looks promising and seems to be yet another sign that the Microsoft of old is long gone and has been replaced by a very different animal…