UKMac has been around in various guises for quite a few years now but for many reasons has stagnated over recent times and been sadly neglected. In the years that have passed since I first posted on these pages the number of Apple related web sites have grown dramatically and now there are thousands of news and reviews sites covering anything even vaguely related to the folk at Cupertino and the products they produce.

So it is then that I find myself less interested in posting articles about Apple and as a result this site has withered on the vine.

In my day job I am spending more time with Microsoft products including Windows 10, Office 365, Azure and PowerApps which are frankly more exciting to me than the Apple products are now. This may change again in the future ( if Apple ever do create another truly new or disruptive service or device ), but for now I am probably going to use this blog as a space to capture useful snippets of information that I come across in my day job that I might need in the future. If any of these links or articles help you in your job all the better…



Last modified: July 22, 2019


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