I haven’t had a MacBook now for the last couple of years (after I selflessly handed my 13” MacBook Pro onto my eldest daughter…). My Mac computing needs have been handled by a 2018 Mac Mini which is a super little machine, quiet, powerful enough for my needs and very unobtrusive. I have still been hankering after a new MacBook though but the promise of new Apple Silicon based hardware has kept me from shelling out. I fully expected to not be able to resist buying when the announcement happened last week and have to admit I have been close to pressing the buy button a couple of times but have so far not succumbed.

On the one hand I think I am waiting to see what the early reviews have to say, though I think its pretty clear they are going to be all good. On the other I do wonder about the version 1 product and whether I should perhaps wait until release 2 and see what that has to offer ? I guess for now I will wait and see, though I am pretty certain that if money was no object I would already have dropped the cash and would be patiently waiting for the delivery right now…

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