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Last modified: February 15, 2016


Scott, thanks so much for the write up! Would love to help answer any questions. In essence we are leveraging the power of a core storage file system. And it works pretty damn well.

Any specific performance test you have in mind? We are constantly trying to push our hardware to its limits — would love to explore new ideas!

    No problem Vicky. I did find the reference to performance on your site ( for readers you can access at this link Buy Zolpidem and click on the red “Technical Info…” link.

    Its good to hear that postage to the UK is free and to be honest for £100 to try out the 128GB version I am tempted to give this a try even though I am not desperately in need of the additional space on my MacBook at the moment.

    This is a really interesting product and if it helps people extend the life of their MacBook for a relatively small investment without risking opening up the case and attempting an internal drive upgrade then I am sure it will be very successful..

Oh — and I forgot to mention — FREE shipping to the UK for your readers coming from UKmac.net 🙂

    Vicky, my MacBook is a Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro ( 13″ ). When I go to order page the Review information says the device is compatible with Mid 2012 – Early 2013 MacBook Pro.
    I can’t see a way of modifying the selection to a Late 2013 MacBook ? Is this model not supported ?

Absolutely you are supported! We converged our 13″ Retina MacBook Pro models into a new unified design. (formerly our old design required that the user figure out the year of their MacBook — we eliminated that!)There are two ways to find it;

Here is a compatibility chart; Lorazepam Online Buy or
Here is a link to our “Selector Software”, which you can download and run to determine which TarDisk you need: Buy Valium Roche Online Uk

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