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Last modified: April 5, 2016


Great article thanks. Will Duet work the same way for a pc as it does with your Mac? In other words, as the only display?

Great article, I been trying to work out if this would work. I’ve been wanting to buy a Mac Mini and use Duet display with my laptop as the primary monitor. So your 100% sure it will work for me 🙂

Hi Scott – this is exactly the solution I’ve been looking for. One question, though: If you reboot your Mini, does OSX properly remember your uber-slick configuration?

Glad I stumbled across your post as I’m looking into running a similar setup but with a compute stick instead of the Mac mini. I was curious to hear about lag – you mention lag free but is it completely free in that it could be used for gaming? I’ve seen mixed reports on this

I am trying to do the same thing, what settings do you use to let you use this feature.

I want to do this but wondering how I can back up my ipad to the mini if its automatically used as monitor

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