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Last modified: July 26, 2015


I use a combination of hard drive backups, DropBox and a new Transporter with a dedicated hard drive. Might be a little more expensive than your solution, but I feel I have a more complete set of backups, especially for critical files.

And what happens when a severe sun storm or EMP attack occurs? GONE, GONE, GONE! Put that that changes rarely (Archives) onto DVD, Blueray, etc., the rest on thumb drives, two sets. Wrap in tinfoil and put in a bank safe deposit box.

Swap every thirty days, use set not in SD for biweekly backups kept off site. Wrap a Mac Mini (or similar) CPU in tinfoil and store it someplace safe from shock and awe.

Always remember in case of theft, fire, flood, explosion, etc. any backups pr HDs attached or near your computer are gone or no good.

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