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Just found this article on the Lazy Administrator that describes how to enforce a Windows lock screen wallpaper on Windows 10 for all editions ( not just Enterprise and Education which is all Microsoft allow you to do with Intune out of the box ! ) I will be using this script. Thanks Brad.

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CarPlay in iOS 13 is a huge upgrade ↦ Having recently upgraded to beta 7 of iOS 13 I have to say the single biggest improvement for me is CarPlay. Thanks Apple !

Adaptive Cards for Beginners
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Teams and Flow has this very neat how to article on creating an Adaptive Card in Teams when someone sends a specific Tweet. I’ve not seen the adaptive card designer mentioned in the post but will check it out as this looks pretty useful. Adaptive Cards for Beginners- Monitor a Hashtag on Twitter

Add attachments in PowerApps
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This Microsoft guide explains how to add attachments in a PowerApps form to a Sharepoint list. Add attachments to SharePoint lists

Thursday 15 August 2019
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Blogs of note A quick list of some of the blogs I have used recently for guides and how to’s on Microsoft products. Modern Workplace – John blogs about the Microsoft Cloud and Modern Management Blog – JiJi Technologies nicolonsky tech Practical 365 – Office 365 News, Tips, and Tutorials AutomateIQ – Business processes automation... » Buy Valium Roche Online Uk

Friday 9 August 2019
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Intune I have previously setup a script to push simple shortcuts to Desktop with Intune but this guide from Nicolonsky Tech is much better. Will re-create mine using this approach. Source: Intune create desktop shortcut

Wednesday 31 July 2019
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Powershell This is a Microsoft guide I need to use fairly regularly ! Wish connection to Exchange Online and Sharepoint Online from Powershell was a little easier to configure. Interestingly when I tried this today if I ran Connect-EXOPSSesion with parameter for my UPN it didn’t seem to work. If instead just ran the command... » Buy Soma Fast Shipping

Louisiana declares emergency over cyberattacks targeting schools
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Louisiana declares emergency over cyberattacks targeting schools Things seem to be going pretty badly for a lot of small states in America at the moment. As a regular listener to Security Now it seems there aren’t many weeks that go by at the moment where one state or another isn’t being crippled by ransomware. As they... » Buy Alprazolam Online .5Mg