Pre-Xmas Post

So its Christmas eve-eve and nearly the end of 2022. Six months into the new job and things are starting to get pretty busy and I am certainly past the honeymoon period and into the time when people around the organisation know who I am. That’s both nice but also means free time to develop knowledge and do things how you would ideally want to do them starts to become a rarity.
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Feeling grotty and the sun is shining

Its been a while since I posted here. Today finds me at home still full of cold after more than a week with a beautiful sunny day outside that would have been perfect for an Autumn bike ride. Gutted and grumpy. It’s also been three months since I left CVT and therefore six months since I handed in my notice and they still haven’t recruited a replacement to my position. The two guys who worked for me have been struggling along and I think are starting to drown under the weight of tickets in the helpdesk and other work that they are now picking up that they didn’t previously have to worry about (because I did it).
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New Zwift Hub Smart Trainer Announced

This looks interesting. The Zwift Hub smart trainer has just been announced and looks like it will be a popular choice as an entry level option for joining the Zwift community. Just £449 in the UK with 24 months interest free credit to boot ! May be tempted myself Link Description Zwift Hub £449 for a nice looking direct drive smart trainer

Sunday Morning Ride

Muxton to Cheswardine Starting an early ride in late August in the UK can be tricky when making decisions about clothing, too much and by the time you get going you are cooking and too little and the early part of your ride can be on the chilly side. This morning I went for a thin base layer, short sleeve jersey and shorts which turned out to be a wise choice.
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Tangerine Dream Live recommendations

Against The Clock Against The Clock is a series by Fact Magazine where artists are given 10 minutes in the studio and see what they come up with. Fascinating. Daily Links Link Description Tangerine Dream - YouTube My YouTube playlist of Tangerine Dream, mostly live concerts.

NHS 111 Service hit by Cyber Attack

According to this worrying article from Computing the NHS 111 service is reverting to pen and paper in order to continue to operate after the Adastra system was affected by a cyber attack. It hasn’t been confirmed if this was due to a crypto virus infection but it does seem likely that this will be the cause.