A huge pile of new Teams features !
A huge pile of new Teams features !

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Ignite 2019 This is a LONG list of new and improved features for Microsoft Teams. Excited to see a lot of these, especially things such as Private Channels and Planner/To Do integration


Shootout: Best Wireless In-Ear Charging Case Lid Sound Competition https://twitter.com/SnazzyQ/status/1190072892010024960 You can’t make this stuff up !

Apple warns HomePod users of potentially fatal iOS 13.2 flaw | Macworld

Apple has pulled the latest HomePod update and is warning users not to reset their speaker, lest they render it inoperable. — Read on www.macworld.com/article/3449239/apple-warns-homepod-users-of-potentially-fatal-ios-13-2-flaw.html Found this after an hour of trying to work out why new multi-user support on HomePod didn’t seem to be working. My HomePod is still on 12.4 so hasn’t been... » read more

What about Win 10 Pro ?

So I just came across another one of Microsofts seemingly arbitrary limitations in using policies to manage Windows 10. This one is another example where there is a policy setting that only works if you have Windows 10 Enterprise or Education editions and not for Pro. If you want a policy to lock down the... » read more

Edge Insider – New Tab for Enterprise
Edge Insider – New Tab for Enterprise

The latest Edge Insider release includes a new feature for users to configure the default new tab to include the Recommended and Recent sections from the default Office.com landing page. This is a nice addition and will be a great way of giving staff quick and easy access to their Office files without having to... » read more

Customise Room Resource work hours in Office 365

I have recently started setting up Room Resources in our Office 365 tenant and quickly discovered that that rooms are only available Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00 by default. Fortunately there is a Powershell command to modify this to suit your room requirements. First connect to Exchange Powershell Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -Identity <SMTPRoomResource> -WorkingHoursStartTime 00:00:00 -WorkingHoursEndTime... » read more

Setting Lock Screen Wallpaper with InTune

Just found this article on the Lazy Administrator that describes how to enforce a Windows lock screen wallpaper on Windows 10 for all editions ( not just Enterprise and Education which is all Microsoft allow you to do with Intune out of the box ! ) I will be using this script. Thanks Brad.

CarPlay in iOS 13

CarPlay in iOS 13 is a huge upgrade ↦ https://www.macstories.net/stories/carplay-in-ios-13-a-big-leap-forward/ Having recently upgraded to beta 7 of iOS 13 I have to say the single biggest improvement for me is CarPlay. Thanks Apple !