Twelve South are a brand well known to Mac users for their laptop and iPhone/iPad stands amongst other products.

While browsing their site tonight I came across this page of wallpapers specifically designed for dual screen setups. There are wallpapers in resolutions from 11″ MacBook right up to 5K Retina iMacs. There are 8 different sets, 4 of Scottish landscapes and 4 of San Francisco skylines.

Worth taking a peek if you are looking for high quality wallpapers to show off your dual screen setup ( or even just for a single screen setup… )


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If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can’t have missed seeing this article or one of the many variants reported all over the web in the last week or so. A Dutch food blogger named Sid Frisjes made the mistake of posting his failed attempt at the classic photo of himself pointing at the top of the Eiffel tower on Reddit and asking for some help to fix the original. The resulting stream of hilarious mickey takes quickly spread and was widely reported.

If you want to avoid becoming the subject of world wide ridicule like Sid you might be advised to check out this article from which was put together to help travellers to make the most of their photo opportunities and nab those funny pics first time, without the use of photo editing tools ( or Reddit ! )

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