Near Lock is a new pair of apps for iOS and OS X that allows you to unlock your Mac with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Once installed and configured the app can be configured to lock or unlock your Mac as soon as it detects the presence of your iPhone. The sensitivity of the detection can be adjusted from as little as 1m to as much as 10m so you can optimise the point at which it locks or unlocks your Mac according to your requirements.

The app works with recent iPhones and Macs that support Bluetooth LE and as a result can be left switched on all the time without it causing a significant drain on iPhone batteries. Furthermore the currently free in app upgrade to the Pro version on iOS allows the app to work even when in the background so there is no need to unlock your iPhone or run an app to unlock your Mac. If you are worried that just being able to walk up to your Mac with your iPhone is a little insecure ( think someone gets your phone and can unlock and access your Mac ) then the iOS app can be setup to require Touch ID authentication before it will unlock which is a nice but still convenient way of accessing your Mac.

Wonderful stuff… Get it now while it is free !

Web Site : Near Lock

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Copied has recently become one of my favourite apps for iOS and OS X. It is a slick and useful clipboard manager that makes cut/copy and paste on iPhone,iPad and Mac much more useful and when combined with multiple devices introduces a new capability that was previously only possible by emailing or Messaging between devices. That feature is the ability to copy something on one device then jump over to another and paste that data on another device !

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I recently bought the excellent Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard to share between my iPad, Work laptop and iPhone. It’s a great little keyboard, light enough to carry around with a decent layout and spacing that suits my typing style well ( your mileage may vary ). There are however times that I need to switch to the on screen iOS keyboard, typing emojis for example, and I recently discovered this quick tip to bring up the iOS keyboard.

All you need to do is double tap on a text field and the on screen keyboard will pop smoothly into view. Once you have completed using it just hit any key on your Bluetooth keyboard and the hardware device will take control again and the on screen keyboard will slide out of the way.

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More Problems with iOS 9.3 ?

More Problems with iOS 9.3 ?

Posted By on Mar 27, 2016

It seems the recent reported problems with iOS 9.3 and older iPads isn’t the only issue with the latest release.

My wife has an iPhone 6 that was working fine until it suddenly stopped being able to open hyperlinks in Safari and Messages… Oddly when searching in Safari with the browser set to use Google as the default browser none of the returned links worked when tapping on them. The links simply refused to load. Changing the search engine to DuckDuckGo also generated faulty links but when trying Bing the returned result links worked fine !

Further testing with web links sent to Messages had the same result and worse, when I tried long pressing the link to bring up the menu to Copy the link the app ( Safari or Messages ) seemed to hang requiring it to be force quit. My initial search for solutions to this problem were unsuccessful as most of the returned links referred to similar issues reported a couple of years ago in previous iOS releases, so I threw this question out to the Twitterverse for assistance. @theMacFixer helpfully replied advising the only fix currently seemed to be a complete reset of the affected device, so I tried a quick Reset All Settings which didn’t resolve the issue, followed by the more drastic Erase All Content And Settings which did the trick !

Obviously if you are affected by this issue and decide to do a complete Erase make sure you have all your settings and passwords available beforehand as you will need to setup accounts and applications from scratch afterwards ( don’t try restoring old backups because you will most likely just restore the problem ).

Hopefully not too many others are affected by this glitch and Apple get it sorted in the next update

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