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One of the big missing features of the new Apple TV was the inability to play music from Apple Music using Siri. Clearly Apple held this back for good reason when the new device launched a few weeks ago but thankfully they have plugged the gap today with a new tvOS update that allows you to search for music by Siri.

The new update also fixes the other glaring omission of the iPhone Remote App not working with the new Apple TV.

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According to many popular sites it is being reported that Apple Music has already reached 10 million subscribers ( Appleinsider ). This is of course an artificial number as none of those customers have yet to pay a penny for the service as it is free for the first three months of use.

The question I guess then is how many people will pay to use it beyond the trial period. My own experience so far is that I will continue to use it as I am finding the new music recommendations far superior to Spotify and the fact that the whole family can use it at the same time ( for a small increase in cost ) just seals the deal.

I would love to know what my readers plans are so please take 10 seconds to answer the brief poll below ( or leave a comment if your prefer ! )

Will you continue with Apple Music after the free trial ends ?

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Last night my MacBook’s iTunes was updated with the latest release ( ) and when it restarted I was prompted with the invitation to Join Apple Music trial. As I had already signed up I ignored this prompt and clicked through to iTunes assuming it was some sort of error, however what I noticed then was the For You and New sections at the top of the iTunes window were now missing.

Restarting iTunes┬ádidn’t resolve this, nor did logging out of the the Store and back in again. After a number of attempts to recover the missing sections I went into the iTunes Store and clicked onto the 90 Day Trial link ( at the very bottom left of the store ) and hey presto the missing sections re-appeared again !

Anyone else experienced this or was this a one off for me ?


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