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Author: Scott Paterson

How do you backup your digital data ?

Unless you have a background in IT the chances are that the only time you have ever considered backups of your information was just after you found out you had lost something precious ? Perhaps it was a bunch of irretrievable photos lost when your hard drive suddenly and inexplicably died ? Or maybe it was your lifetimes collection of music or movies, carefully downloaded and collated onto that 4TB external hard drive connected to your desktop computer that you hadn’t noticed had been accidentally deleted ? Whichever it was, when the day arrives and you suffer that unrecoverable...

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“For You” Disappearing from iTunes after recent update

Last night my MacBook’s iTunes was updated with the latest release ( ) and when it restarted I was prompted with the invitation to Join Apple Music trial. As I had already signed up I ignored this prompt and clicked through to iTunes assuming it was some sort of error, however what I noticed then was the For You and New sections at the top of the iTunes window were now missing. Restarting iTunes didn’t resolve this, nor did logging out of the the Store and back in again. After a number of attempts to recover the missing sections...

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Infinite Loop – Lovely Relaxing Game for iOS

Infinite Loop is my latest go to iPhone game for instant gratification or the gamers equivalent of meditation. Jonas Lekevicious has created a beautiful puzzle game that requires no instructions and is suitable for young and old. Whats more he has created an iPhone and Android version so everyone can play. Grab it now its free to...

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How to Access Magazines on Zinio for Free

In the days before the Internet I was a regular magazine subscriber and the shelves in my home office used to groan under the weight of all those glossy pages. My magazine buying days have long since gone, replaced by a diet of online news delivered first by USENET followed by online forums, web sites and most recently RSS feeds read through services like or apps like Flipboard. Earlier this year I started a volunteer role at my local library to show local residents how to use the library computers or if they prefer their own devices to get more...

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