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Author: Scott Paterson

Nordic Workspace

Todays featured Mac Setup is another simple minimalist style workspace in a Nordic style and comes complete with instructions on how to Do It Yourself ! The slight downside is that the page is in Spanish but thanks to the magic of Google Translate anyone interested in following the guide shouldn’t have too much difficulty converting to English ( or your preferred language...

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Stocard – All your loyalty cards on your iPhone

One of my pet peeves is the number of plastic cards I have to carry in my wallet. Most of the time I tend to strip the contents to the essential debit cards that I use all the time but this sometimes means that I miss out on discounts or other benefits by not having a particular stores loyalty card with me. Stocard solves this little problem by providing a simple way of importing store loyalty cards into your iPhone allowing you to leave the plastic at home without having to pass up on the discounts or loyalty points....

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Using Duet Display As A Primary Monitor

Duet Display is a slick app developed by ex-Apple employees designed to allow your iPad to function as a second monitor on your laptop or iMac using a lightning or iPad 30 pin cable ( for older iPads ). The application works extremely well with none of the lag or latency in display refresh experienced by some of the alternative apps that use the iPads WiFi connection to transfer screen updates. As the Duet name suggests the intended use for the app is to create an easy to use portable secondary display for MacBook users ( or in fact...

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Apple TV Updated – Search Apple Music with Siri

One of the big missing features of the new Apple TV was the inability to play music from Apple Music using Siri. Clearly Apple held this back for good reason when the new device launched a few weeks ago but thankfully they have plugged the gap today with a new tvOS update that allows you to search for music by Siri. The new update also fixes the other glaring omission of the iPhone Remote App not working with the new Apple...

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ISS Celebrates 15 Years Orbiting The Earth

Today the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) held a press conference to celebrate 15 years that the satellite has been orbiting the earth. An amazing achievement and even more amazing is the fact that it is anticipated to remain there for another 10 years. Amazing...

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