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Author: Scott Paterson

How to Take Funny Travel Photos – The Right Way

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can’t have missed seeing this article or one of the many variants reported all over the web in the last week or so. A Dutch food blogger named Sid Frisjes made the mistake of posting his failed attempt at the classic photo of himself pointing at the top of the Eiffel tower on Reddit and asking for some help to fix the original. The resulting stream of hilarious mickey takes quickly spread and was widely reported. If you want to avoid becoming the subject of world wide ridicule like Sid you might be...

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Cablox Cable Organiser

  If you look at most of the images in my Mac Setups section one thing you will probably have spotted is a distinct lack of cables. The reality of a modern gadget lovers desk is that obtaining this completely minimal look is virtually impossible, even the most stripped down setups need at least a power lead. I have tried cable trays, sticky back ties, zip ties, blu-tack, insulating tape to name a few and generally end up re-cabling on a fairly regular basis to try to keep things neat and tidy. The Cablox Cable Organiser from certainly looks like...

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Gorgeous Tiny Office

On first glance this looks like a pretty nice but otherwise ordinary Mac Setup picture but when you zoom out to see the full picture you see the why this setup is a little bit special ! Click here or on the image to go to the original article on Tiny House Swoon I have followed a number of Tiny House blogs for some time and really love the idea of being able to live comfortably in a couple of hundred square feet of space....

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Another Minimal Floating Desk

I love the look and the idea of floating desks but wonder about the practicality ? First of all there has to be a fairly robust bracket to hold the potential weight without support from below. Then what about power ? Presumably to maintain the minimal look sockets would have to be embedded at the desktop level somehow ? Still, very pretty to look...

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