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Author: Scott Paterson

Say no to Pakisaurus – Hilarious Rant by Guzzy Bear

UPDATE: I should apologise in advance for the non-Appleiness of this post, it seems I am in a sharing mood today ! I have a friend who shall remain nameless who constantly sends me awful Youtube clips but today he out did himself when he sent me this one ! This is an hilarious rant by Youtuber Guzzy Bear Oh Yeh! about a section of the new Jurassic World film that somehow got through editing without anyone spotting the fairly obvious racist connotations ! In case you wondered the friend who sent me this is asian… Watch this, I was...

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Calls To 0800 Numbers Free From Mobiles Starting 1st July (UK)

I just happened across this tidbit and though its not really Mac or Apple related I thought it was worth posting a quick note about it because I expect many people in the UK may not be aware of the forthcoming changes to telephone call charges that come into force on 1st July 2015. All the information you need can be found at There are a range of changes being made to make the charges for 08 numbers clearer to UK residents amongst which is the change that makes 0800 and 0808 calls free to mobiles as well as...

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Hackers find way of breaking out of Apple’s sand box ( OS X and iOS )

Just this afternoon I was involved in a discussion about how hackers exploit the most difficult to find holes in operating systems, networks and hardware to gain a way in or in some cases out of the protections wrapped around our technology by the people who developed them. These protections are increasingly complex and sophisticated but as this article from Ars Technica shows the bad guys ( or good guys if they are doing this to expose weaknesses to the vendors rather than using for personal gain ) continue to find ways around and through the barriers. Apple have long claimed that their operating systems and software are best in class as far as security is concerned, but as we all know these sort of claims are only going to encourage hackers to prove them wrong, more so over recent years as Apples market share has grown. Hopefully steps are already in place to fix this latest...

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